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Microplane Zester a must have kitchen gadget!

 “MICROPLANE ZESTER” (No more shaved knuckles!) One of Mama’s Favorite Kitchen Gadgets!

Ever have a recipe that calls for lemon or orange zest.  You pull out your cheese grater and turn it to the smallest possible grate and start grating the zest getting all the white parts, oh and maybe a knuckle or two?  Then you have to pull out your cutting board and mince it until it is as small as possible.  It still isn’t small enough, but you already lost a knuckle, and minced it as much as possible that you just want to be done with it already, so you use what you have in the recipe and move on.  Sure it works.?.?However, what if I told you I had a utensil that would zest your lemons, oranges and limes so perfectly getting every last portion of peel on that citrusy fruit, and that it was so much fun zesting that you wanted to keep zesting more and more lemons or oranges until you had about 20 of them zested? Yep!!  I got that utensil for you!  

It’s the “Microplane Zester”!  One of my newest and most favorite utensils in my kitchen. A lot of my baking recipes use citrus zest, either from lemons, orange or limes. It adds an extra punch of flavor to scones, muffins, quick breads, cupcakes and more.  Sure I could zest the fruit using an old fashion zester or a cheese grater, and use the zest in the recipe and the recipe would turn out fine.  However, why settle for fine when I have a utensil that zests fruit so perfectly, evenly, keeps the peel juicy, and produces more zest than the “other” way?  Sometimes, it is just plain worth it to spend $15 dollars on another kitchen utensil and use up space in your utensil drawer to experience quality and ease of use.   

Microplane zesters can be bought at any kitchen store, discount stores like Target, Walmart and sometimes even in Fancy grocery stores.  I purchased mine at Sur La Table Cookware, Cutlery and Dinnerware store in Pasadena on my honeymoon of all times! When my husband and I got married we thought it would be fun and a good idea start fresh with new household items that were “ours” instead of “Mine and Yours”. We thought since we both loved to cook that the kitchen was the best place to start. We stumbled upon Sur La Table while shopping in downtown Pasadena. I think we spent over 2 hours in the store drooling over and playing with new gadgets, cookware, bakeware and basically everything under the sun that had to do with the kitchen. everything from utensils to bakeware. That store seriously has everything you could even imagine for baking or cooking. After touching and playing with everything we purchased about $200 dollars worth of kitchen stuff.  We totally went overboard and even made sure all the colors and styles matched.  We had way so much fun, but it was our honeymoon, so totally justifiable right? Plus, I got one of my new favorite kitchen gadgets out of the experience. Pasadena is my husband and my favorite place to vacation as it was our honeymoon destination after all. I know I will be back to buy more stuff I need or “think” I need.  

At cooking school, years and years ago, I used the zester, like the one to the right.  I found that I hated that zester so I switched to the cheesy pun intended and used a cheese
grater, like the one below instead, and lost a few knuckles along the way.

I felt frivolous buying the Microplane zester, but so glad I did.  I had it on my wishlist for years, but never felt I could justify investing in one. Now I have so much fun zesting lemons and oranges that it has become addicting.  Oh fun fact…if you go overboard like me zesting, use what you need in the recipe and then put the rest in a freezer safe ziploc bag and freeze it until the next time you need some.

So leave your computer and go out right now and indulge, buy yourself a Microplane Zester! I suppose you can wait ’til tomorrow, but don’t forget! By the way, the come in all sorts of fun colors to choose from. 
If you need a fabulous recipe to test out using your new Microplane Zester, how about try Mama’s Gluten Free Dairy Free Lemon Cupcakes with Blueberry Frosting. HAVE FUN ZESTING!  

***Gluten Free Mama has not received any monetary funds to pay for or encourage advertising for the Sur La Table establishment or for the specific brand Microplane Zester. Mama simply is sharing information about products that she enjoys using or has a specific benefit to her in the kitchen.  However, Mama always enjoys and welcomes donations of products to test with her recipes or to play with, and if she so desires may or may not share them on her Blog, FB, Twitter or her Website. 
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