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July 6, 2015


Dear Gluten Free Mama Customers,


We are excited to announce that we have sold Gluten Free Mama to Heartland Gourmet in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Due to my health and the increased demand for Gluten Free Mama’s products we felt this was the best step to take to maintain and build our Gluten Free Mama brand and to better serve our customers. Beginning immediately, Heartland Gourmet will manufacture and ship our products.  There will be a short delay in shipping internet orders while we transition to the new 52,000 square foot Gluten Free Certified facility in Nebraska.

Don’t worry!  I am still the Gluten Free Mama! The superior quality of our products will remain unchanged.  This step will allow me to focus on my health, as well as to focus on broadening the Gluten Free Mama product line, sales, customer service and connecting directly with you through speaking engagements and all of our social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, Google +, TSU, our Website Blog and of course continuing to create delicious recipes for you to enjoy!


Please continue to place orders directly on our website at  You can also find us in grocery stores near you throughout the mid-west and western states.  If you shop at a grocery store that does not carry our products, please ask your store manager to bring them in or make a request of us to contact the store manager.  I look forward to continuing my connection with you on the blog and social media.  Thank you for supporting Gluten Free Mama’s brand and for all your encouragement you have shown me during my recent health crisis.


Rachel Edington

The Gluten Free Mama

Gluten Free Mama Flours Blends and Mixes

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  1. patty cox
    August 3, 2015    

    Congratulations, Rachel! You have a wonderful business and I wish you luck on this next phase.

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