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Gluten Free Mama’s Favorite Kitchen Gadgets and Appliances

I am a kitchen utensil, gadget, appliance and cookware fanatic.  I often have discussions with my friends on which ones are needed and which ones are frivolous dust collectors.  So I came up with my list of my most used and favorite kitchen gadgets and appliances.  I would make you a list of my favorite cookware, but the list would be too long.

Let’s start with my favorite Kitchen Gadgets.  Although, I have much, much more, these are my most used gadgets in my kitchen.

Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

If you are new to baking and want to know what is good to have around in addition to my favorites, I would choose the following: 1. Dry measuring cups (I like to have 2 sets, so I don’t have to clean between recipes.  2. Liquid measuring cup.  I would stick with the old favorite Pyrex for accuracy.  3. Rubber Scrapers.  Choose heavy duty ones that can stand up to thick gluten free bread batters.  It’s good to have 2-3 available. 4. Spatula.  Choose a silicone and a metal one.  The metal spatulas allow for easy removal of cookies from baking sheets and keeps them from breaking.  5.  Pie server.  You spent an hour making and baking your favorite pie, don’t ruin it by having to scoop out the pieces.  A pie server allows for perfect slices.  6. A Juicer.  I like to get all the juice out of my lemons, limes or oranges.  A juicer makes it much easier. 7. Whisk ~ You will need a whisk for whipping up eggs, mixing brownies, making gravy and more.

How do you know which kitchen appliances are necessary and which ones you won’t use very often that you could live without?  Below is Mama’s favorite kitchen appliances that you can’t go wrong with.

Favorite kitchen appliances


Another appliance that is important in a gluten free kitchen is a new toaster that is dedicated for gluten free.  There is too much chance for cross contamination using one that has once had wheat in it.  If you have a shared kitchen, choose a toaster that has four slots.  Label the left slots regular, and the right slots as gluten free.  Train your family to not put gluten bread in the gluten free slots.

I also like to have a waffle maker and a Panini maker.  Yes, they both take up space in the kitchen.  I like to store mine in the garage on a baking shelf and just pull out when I am ready to use it.  That way they don’t take up valuable space in my kitchen.  I like the waffle maker to make waffles for my family.  We like to have breakfast for dinner.  Who doesn’t like waffles for dinner?  Sometimes I want a grilled sandwich and the Panini makers make the best grilled sandwiches.  You can also make gluten free quesadilla’s with them too.  I don’t use mine as often as I would like, but when I want a sandwich, it sure comes in handy, especially when I am making 6-10 sandwiches when all the kids are home visiting.

As far as baking pans.  I like to have the following: 1. Two round cake pans 2. A French Loaf Bread Pan for perfect shaped french bread. 3. 2 regular bread pans 4. Good quality baking sheets.  Don’t settle for the thin, cheaper baking sheets.  Get the thicker aluminum or non-stick pans. 5. Square and Rectangular casserole pans.  I use the square ones for brownies and bars and the rectangular ones for sheet cake, thin brownies, bars, casseroles and more.  6. Wilton 4 inch cake pans.  I use these for making hamburger buns and sandwich rolls.  7. Mini Bread Pans.  I like to have a mini loaf pan, because it makes the perfect sized quick breads.  Eat two now and freeze two for later.

Do you have a favorite kitchen gadget or appliance you can’t live without?  Leave it in the comments section below!  We love to hear from our viewers.


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