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Mama’s Gluten Free Bread Tips

Bread Tips
Baking Gluten Free Breads that taste good, are not like a brick, crumbly, cardboard or gummy are the biggest challenges I hear from my followers. Baking gluten free bread is achievable and can taste good. It just takes a little practice, some good tips, and of course a good recipe. Not all gluten free recipes are the same, so be willing to try several. I recommend all of the bread recipes in my cookbook, In the Kitchen with Gluten Free Mama. They are soft, moist and stay fresh on counter for about 4 days. Here are my tips on baking gluten free breads.

Start with a Good Stand Mixer

Kitchenaid Mixer

Kitchenaid Mixer







Mama recommends a Kitchenaid brand mixer.
Use the flat paddle for mixing gluten free bread dough, not the dough hook.

What are the best pans to use?

4 inch round Wilton cake Pans (6pans)

4 Inch Cake Pans

4 Inch Cake Pans








4 inch round Wilton Springform Pans (6pans)

1 spring form

Mini Springform







4 inch Ceramic or Metal Quiche Pans

Mini Ceramic

Mini Ceramic








Bake for 28-30 minutes. These make the perfect size

slices for sandwich bread or hamburger buns. Slice into 3-4 slices for sandwich bread or in half for hamburger bun size slices. Also, smaller pans work better to allow the

gluten free breads to rise and hold their rise. The larger the pan the harder the dough has to work to hold a rise.
You can buy these pans at Amazon, click the links, Target, or World Market for the mini quiche pans.
Glass Loaf Pan (reduce heat to 375°) Bake for 60 minutes, cover last half hour to prevent over-browning.

Glass Loaf Pan

Glass Loaf Pan







Non-stick Loaf Pans Bake for 60 minutes, cover last 20 minutes to prevent over-browning.

Loaf pans are my least favorite. The problem is that the breads will rise beautifully and bake beautifully, but after baking it will sink or settle. The reason is that we don’t have stablizers in home kitchens like manufacturers do and we don’t really know if we want those in our food anyway. These will work fine for baking yeast bread, but I think you will have more success with texture using the other alternatives. Try them all out and then choose your favorite.

Non-Stick Loaf Pans

Non-Stick Loaf Pans







Stoneware (baking times may vary +/- 5 min.) Mama recommends Pampered Chef for Stoneware purchases.

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Mini Loaf Pans (bake 30-35 minutes) These are great for holding a rise and keeping the bread nice and soft and the breads look beautiful. Turn bread on its side and slice lengthwise for nice size sandwiches.

Mini Loaf Pans

Mini Loaf Pans







French Loaf Pan (bakes for 55-60 minutes) You can buy a french loaf pan at specialty kitchen shops or on This allows bread to look just like french

bread you buy at stores and the bread holds its rise very well. It’s perfect for making bread for Bruschetta too! If to turn the bread on its side and cut length wise you can make sandwich slices any length you like. This is my favorite pan to use! If you can find one that is not perforated, that would be best.

French Loaf Pan

French Loaf Pan







Muffin Pan (Bake 18–20 minutes) Perfect for rolls.

Round Ceramic Pie Pan or a round highsided Ceramic Pan Bake for 50-60 minutes depending on how deep and wide your pan is. The deeper the longer you bake.

This is a unique way to make a beautiful
round bread. Perhaps you are making a Portuguese Sweet Bread or perhaps Mama’s Mock Rye or Dill Bread, this would be the perfect type of pan.

All in all you can get creative with how you bake your breads. You are not limited to just a loaf pan. If you see some interesting shaped pans, maybe even a angel food cake pan, rectangle shaped, whatever, try it out. Look at similar size pans and adjust cooking time accordingly. You may have to make them once or twice to get the perfect baking time, but the point is have fun!

Baking the Breads

Proof the Yeast
Mix together warm water (105-115°), yeast and sugar or agave. Set aside until foamy.

Use fresh yeast. If the mixture doesn’t foam or bubble, your yeast is old, throw it out! It helps if you store your yeast in the refrigerator if you do not use it often.

Sugar helps to activate the yeast. It is not required, just recommended.

Mama uses Active Dry Yeast. (use 1 Tbsp.) For Rapid Rise yeast use 1¾ tsp. (When using active dry yeast you do not need to proof the yeast. You will make a little well on the flour mixture with your finger. Add the yeast into the well. Then add the rest of wet ingredients on top and continue with the directions below.) Super Easy!

For best results, use filtered, distilled water or purified water.
Tap water can be filled with chlorine that may inhibit rising. Also, some well waters can be too soft or too hard. If your breads aren’t rising this could be the reason.

Use Room Temperature Ingredients

Milk, buttermilk, applesauce, yogurt, and Cheeses should be at room temp. for best results. Set out on counter 30 minutes before beginning, or microwave 10-20 seconds.

Measure Ingredients Accurately
Use Dry Measuring Cups for honey and Applesauce. Scrape across top of cup to level.

Dry Measuring Cups

Dry Measuring Cups

Measure liquid ingredients in Liquid Measuring Cups.

Liquid Measuring Cup

Liquid Measuring Cup








Look at glass at eye level for accurate measurement. Using more or less can effect your bread recipe, so measure carefully.
Rising Breads
Cover breads with dry towel. – Rise in warm place for 1 1/2-2 hours.
Try turning oven on to help heat up a cold kitchen or even bake cookies or something.

Another option, Cover with a lightly greased unused shower cap. It will hold in the air and allow to achieve a great rise! I found this tip online.

Only allow to rise once. Gluten Free breads only need a single rise. If using a breadmaker to make your breads be sure it has a gluten free cycle, so it will only rise once.

What happens if my bread sinks in the middle after baking?

This can be normal. If it is gummy on the inside try the tips below.

Be sure to measure correctly.

There may be too much moisture. Try reducing liquid by 2-3 Tbsp. or add 1-2 Tbsp. flour. Sometimes elevation can play a role in this or even weather.

Slash bread 3 times across top before baking.When baking is done, turn off oven. Leave in oven an additional 5 minutes with door ajar.

Allow your bread to cool for at least 30 minutes before slicing. Cutting it too early can result in a gummy bread.

Bread Machine Tips










You can use any of Mama’s Yeast Bread Recipes in a bread machine. Just follow these simple steps below.

1. Use a bread machine that has a gluten free or single rise cycle. Cuisinart is a great brand.
2. Add wet ingredients, except water. (ie: eggs, flax gel, butter or oil, cider vinegar, milk)
3. Add dry ingredients.
4. Make a little well in center of flour. Pour in yeast. (Use 1 Tbsp. for active dry, or 1 ¾ tsp. of rapid rise)
5. Add warm water as directed in recipe. (Or warm milk if asked for)
6. Run your rubber scraper around edges of pan to incorporate dry ingredients.
7. Place bread pan in bread machine and set to gluten free cycle or to the single rise cycle. Set to dark crust if you machine allows you to change crust settings.
8. When kneading cycle is over, if desired, smooth out top of bread. Add seeds or herbs at this time if desired.
9. Leave bread in bread machine for 20-30 minutes after it is done baking. Remove bread from pan and finish cooling before slicing.

What is the best bread recipe?

For kids– Mama’s Old Fashioned White Bread. The recipe is on the back of Mama’s 4lb Almond Blend or in Mama’s cookbook In the Kitchen with Gluten Free Mama.

For Bruschetta, Egg Free/Dairy Free, Panini’s – Mama’s Sesame French Bread Click here for recipe or find it in Mama’s cookbook, In the Kitchen with Gluten Free Mama.

For a Rye Flavor – Use Mama’s Mock Rye Bread in Mama’s cookbook, In the Kitchen with Gluten Free Mama. It’s one of my favorites!!! Great for gourtmet style sandwiches.

For Gluten Free Rolls, see Mama’s 9 Variations of Pull-Apart Dinner Rolls. Click Here
Those will get you started. For more bread choices be sure to pick up a copy of Mama’s cookbook.

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