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Welcome to Gluten Free Mama’s Featured Gluten Free & Allergy Free Bloggers!

Gluten free and allergy free bloggers devote hours of their time, energy, and resources to bless you as you navigate your gluten free journey. Each one is unique in their own way, offering educational posts, a vast variety of gluten free recipes, recipes that accommodate different food allergies, giveaways and gluten free information and resources.  

Browse through our list of gluten free bloggers in Mama’s network.   Please support them and their hard work by following their blogs, liking them on Facebook and checking out their Pinterest pages.    (Please note that these bloggers are listed in random order.)

My Gluten-Free Kitchen  Michelle is a 30-something wife, mother of two boys, and a Celiac. She is helping people learn how easy it is to cook & bake delicious gluten-free food for their families. 

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Gluten AwayGlutenAway is run by teenage gluten-free advocate, Taylor Miller. He shares his insight as a teenager on how to navigate the gluten-free lifestyle with a positive attitude to show that if a teenager can do it, you can too! That’s why Taylor is here to share his recipes, tips, and experiences to help make the gluten-free process a little easier along the way.

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gluten away

I am a Celiac Pam Jordan is a working wife and mom with Celiac Disease trying to live Gluten Free. She is also a Cookbook Author of Family Approved Gluten Free Recipes.

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Flippin’ Delicious When Brianna was a teenager, her family discovered that some of them had problems with wheat and gluten. Then they found out that almost everyone in the family did, herself included. Relearning to make her favorite things was really hard at first, but now it’s become a lifetime passion of Brianna’s to make gluten-free taste better than anything she’s made before.

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Flipping Delicious Blogger

Petite Allergy Treats- Laura’s blog Petite Allergy Treats is full of easy recipes geared towards children (and everyone) suffering from multiple food allergies.  You’ll find plenty of recipes that are all gluten-free, peanut-free, tree nut-free, soy-free, egg-free, shellfish-free, seafood-free and mostly dairy-free.

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Laura Oh ~ Petite Allergy Treats Blogger

The Baking Beauties – Jeanine Friesen The Baking Beauties is full of tasty gluten-free recipes that anyone can make, whether they are baking pros or dawning an apron for the first time. Cooking and baking gluten-free is expensive and time consuming, so making sure that the recipes work well, as written, is important to me. I’ve been known to make recipes over a dozen times to get them right, and have gained the trust of my readers through these practices.


Baking Beauties ~ Jeanine Freisen

Strength and Sunshine Rebecca is the blogger of Strength and Sunshine, student, yogi, fitness lover, Celiac, and hard-core foodie. She has a strong passion for finding the beauty and happiness in life by living a healthy lifestyle. She defines happiness as sunshine, stepping onto her yellow yoga mat, waking up at the crack of dawn, mugs of hot tea or cups of black coffee, and of course cooking up delicious plant-based and allergy-friendly whole foods!

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Vegetarian Mamma. VegetarianMamma shares family friendly gluten free vegetarian recipes that use simple ingredients. We share about gfree products and host the Gluten Free Fridays Recipe link up.  No matter the week, you are sure to find a gluten free giveaway happening on her site.

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Cindy Headshot

Gluten-Free Homemaker  Linda has been on a gluten-free diet since she was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2000. It is her hope that she can make your life easier by providing recipes, menu plans, and more. In addition to being gluten free, most of her recipes are dairy free and some are grain free.

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Gluten-Free Homemaker

Gluten Free Easily,  Shirley leads a gluten-free support group, authors two gluten-free blogs (gfe and All Gluten-Free Desserts), and speaks on gluten-free living locally, nationally, and internationally. Her passion is educating folks on gluten issues and showing how living gluten free can be easy when you focus on “real” foods versus processed and specialty foods.  She also writes for All Gluten Free Desserts 

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Food Faith Fitness is a blog A devoted to learning how to live a balanced life through healthy recipes, fitness tips and learning how to put God as the number one. Taylor believes that eating to nourish your body is as important as eating to nourish your soul, and that means that eating healthy should not be bland and boring. On Food Faith Fitness you will find a variety of different kinds of recipes including breakfasts, main meals, desserts, and snacks. You will also find funny storied along with tips on health and fitness and thoughts on faith and life. Written by Taylor Kiser

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Food Faith & Fitness Blogger

Life After Wheat When her husband was diagnosed with multiple food allergies, Celeste was determined to make gluten free food that tasted just as good as what he remembered, She has always believed that eating gluten free doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice great taste. Life After Wheat features proven gluten and soy free recipes, product recommendations, and baking tips. Excluded allergens are clearly indicated on each recipe so you can easily find what works for your family.

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Life After Wheat Blogger

The Spicy RD is your go-to resource for healthy, seasonal, and delicious gluten-free recipes. In addition, EA is a registered dietitian nutritionist with a private coaching and counseling nutrition practice specializing in celiac disease, non-celiac gluten-sensitivity, IBS, food sensitivities and intolerances, autoimmune conditions, and fibromyalgia. She is available for consultations at her office in San Diego, as well as via phone, Skype, and on-line.

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Spicy RD ~ Blogger

Sarah’s Simple Secrets  A blog for simple, easy, economical, everyday, wheat-free, gluten-free. dairy-free, lactose-free, nutritious family recipes! Sarah has over 15 years of experience,  her recipes restore faith that ‘free from’ dishes and baked goods do not compromise on taste, quality or enjoyment.  As a mother, her mission is to prove that special food is still tasty food, and does not have to be complicated or expensive and is super delicious to make!

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Maebells, Annie is the gluten free blogger behind Maebells. She has a passion for revamping classic Southern dishes into lighter, healthier, gluten free fare.

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Maebells~ Featured Blogger at Gluten Free Mama~ Gluten Free Food Network


Connectglutenfree is a 100% gluten free website, focusing on recipes, product reviews and dining reviews.  I have personally made and or created every recipe on the site, and pride myself on on the fact that each recipe is tested and tasted until a high quality gluten free recipe is posted.  CGF is a new website that recently celebrated its first year anniversary with exciting and steady growth.  

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Connect GF


Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW provides tips and tricks, dining reviews, and vacation resources for those visiting the Walt Disney World Resort with a special diet. This website also includes a companion podcast, guest reviews and much more. Sarah Norris, owner of Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW, also hosts regular Disney Parks meet-ups and is one of the co-organizers of the Food Allergy & Celiac Convention held at the Walt Disney World Resort.

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Livie’s Gone Gluten Free A lifestyle blog Olivia created in order to share her experiences living Gluten Free, as well as make connections in the gluten free community as a whole. She also routinely shares her opinions on different Gluten Free Products through stimulating and honest reviews. Finally, she inspires others in her efforts to monogram everything that doesn’t move while boldly declaring her love for her home state of Texas.

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Livie's Gone GF Blogger

Gluten Free Anonymous A gluten free blog written by two sisters, one with Celiac and the other with gluten intolerance.  Gluten Anonymous is lifestyle blog that covers everything related to living gluten free, writing about real life and real living with this oh-so fun disease. The sisters develop recipes and talk about some of their favorite and not so favorite gluten free products.  They also cover the gluten free beauty industry. 

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The Big Man’s World  Arman Liew is a mid 20’s guy hailing from Melbourne Australia. On The Big Man’s World, you’ll find recipes for delicious, healthy meals and snacks which suit most dietary lifestyles without compromising on taste! Since mid 2014, he’s ensured all his recipes are completely gluten free!

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What Do You Even Eat? A gluten free, lactose free, vegetarian blog, designed to inspire people to learn more about themselves and the food they are eating! It’s not a limited lifestyle it’s an opportunity to try different foods and learn to cook better and better!

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Gluten Free Flours in Her Hair  Tina’s passion for cooking and her inspiration is her 10 year old Celiac son make her main purpose for her blog to offer gluten free recipes and information for Celiacs and to form a community where we can share information and support. My blog is my way of trying to give back to the Gluten Free Community.

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Girl with Flours in Her Hair

Raia’s Recipes Raia is the stay-at-home momma of four (soon to be five) crazy kiddos. She started her blog to share her love of gluten-free food with other moms. When she’s not whipping up something in the kitchen, Raia can be found homeschooling her older kids, chasing around her younger ones, eating chocolate, and doing too many loads of laundry.

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Raia's Recipes Blogger

Gluten Free Go-To GuideJennifer Harris is a celiac whose passion for helping others lead to the creation of a consulting business that works directly with businesses on their quest to make gluten-free options available to customers. I also blog as the Atlanta Gluten Free Food Examiner at where I cover the Atlanta gluten-free dining scene, write product reviews, and promote local and national events.

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Jennifer Harris ~ GF Go To Guide

Gluten Free Gigi – Gigi Stewart, M.A., Founder & CEO, Gluten Free Gigi, LLC, is the author of The Gluten-Free Solution: Your Ultimate Guide to Positive Gluten-Free Living, creator of the popular website, and Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Food Solutions magazine.

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Gluten Free Gigi

My Gluten Free Boston Leah is a twenty-something yoga-loving runner who has been living gluten free since 2009. At My GF Boston, she shares her thoughts about living a healthy, affordable GF lifestyle in Boston and beyond. Following along for recipes, restaurant recommendations, workout tips, and more!

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My GF Boston Blogger



Unconventional Baker Audrey Snowe creates unique recipes that are suitable for people on alternative diets. ALL of the recipes here are inherently gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and contain no animal products, and are therefore suitable for Celiac and vegan diets. You’ll also find many recipes that are raw, paleo, SCD/GAPS, AIP, and more. As someone with a serious amount of food sensitivities and dietary restrictions herself, she knows how hard it can be to find good recipes – especially when avoiding multiple foods or entire food groups at once. And she wants to show others that no matter what dietary challenges they are facing, there are always plenty of ways to enjoy healthy and wholesome treats!

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UnconventionalBaker Blogger

Sensitive Mommy is a blog focusing on family friendly foods and activities that are safe for children with food sensitivities, allergies, celiac disease, MSPI, and FPIES. All recipes note the top 8 allergies and products recommended have been tested by our sensitive family as we are on this journey together.

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Sensitive Mommy

Just Me, Gluten Free is written by Kristen who is gluten free due to Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Because it’s just her who is Gluten-Free in a family of seven, the food she cooks has to pass the test of the gluten-eaters in the house.  She writes and develops family and budget friendly recipes.

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Just Me Gluten Free ~ Blogger

The Wheatless Kitchen, is a gluten-free food blog that focuses on whole foods and simple recipes.

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The Wheatless Kitchen ~ Featured Blogger at Gluten Free Mama ~ Gluten Free Food Network

The Musings of Mo Mo is a happy wife and stay-at-home mother of four. Her blog is about parenting multiple children (several with special needs) and finding gluten-free/dairy-free meals that her kids will actually want to eat. Looking for easy meals that can be adapted to suit your tastes? Looking for encouragement in your parenting? Look no further, ’cause this blogger’s for you!

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The Musings of Mo Blogger

Gluten Free & Me Linda is a mum of two who’s life changed abruptly when her daughter was diagnosed as Celiac in 2013. Finding no Celiac association in the country she lived, she set up her own. Linda has helped countless people living with Celiac. On Gluten Free & Me she writes of her personal journey with Celiac and gluten free. You will find Recipes, help and advice, educational info as well as tidbits from her expat life.

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Gluten Free & Me Blogger

Tia’s Kitchen, Simple, Tasty, Gluten Free and Allergy Free Recipes.  Tia helps you navigate in the kitchen with a variety of  food allergies.  Tia also offers a variety of gluten free baking classes.

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Tias kitchen ~ Featured Blogger at Gluten Free Mama's Gluten Free Food Network

The Cheeky Celiac Kim blogs about celiac disease and other food allergies, resources, reviews and more.

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Kiipfit,  blog focuses on the importance of being healthy, fit, and active and explores the great potential of healthy food ingredients. I have discovered some easy and simple ways to be able to live a healthy lifestyle even amongst our busy work schedules. In Kiipfit you will find a different variety of recipes that feature Gluten free, Vegan, Paleo and Dairy Free.

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Kiipfit ~ Featured Blogger at Gluten Free Mama's ~ Gluten Free Food Network

Gluten-Free Miami blogs gluten free recipes, tips and tricks to living the gluten-free lifestyle in South Florida and beyond.  I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 2 years ago and aim to help people live gluten-free simply.

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Gluten Free Mama flours and mixes

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