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Gluten Free Mama is adding new stores often.  Use the app below to find Gluten Free Mama in a store near you.  If you cannot find a store near you, you can order from or from Gluten Free Mama at  Mama has free shipping options to make it easier for you!  

Please request Gluten Free Mama products at a store near you.   Most store managers will bring them in when requested.


  1. Kristy Erickson
    November 16, 2015    

    I’m looking for your products in Las Vegas!

    • November 19, 2015    

      We are in Natural Grocer stores and are working each day to expand our base. Please recommend us at your favorite stores that you shop at. If you also let me know which stores they are, I will contact them direct. Thank you for your interest in Gluten Free Mama.

  2. Jan Klopfenstein
    August 25, 2015    

    Super 1 in My area has changed distributers. Neither Standpoint or Bonners Ferry has it. Is there a reason on your end why a new distributer couldn’t. Carry it? Jan

    • August 26, 2015    

      They are able to order from us still. They can call us at 402.423.1234 I have contacted them about 2 weeks ago and still have not heard back.

  3. Brian Elliott
    March 27, 2015    

    Trying to find your products in the Toronto area. Can you provide a list of stores for us?

    • March 27, 2015    

      We don’t have stores in Toronto right now. Check I believe they are sending my products to Canada not sure. Also there is a BIG possibility they will be available soon in CA, something I am working on. I will keep you updated.

  4. Lacey
    February 13, 2015    

    Our store recently switched distributors and our new distributor only carries your coconut and almond blend flours, but we really need the pancake mix, scone mix and pie crust mix! Please advise! Can we order wholesale through you?
    Lacey Dixon

  5. Lorraine
    December 13, 2014    

    will your products be available in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada any time soon.

  6. Sylvia Biterling
    December 4, 2014    

    Unfortunately, GF Joes in Tumwater (or Olympia{ however it was listed]) and Tacoma, Washington are no longer there.

    • December 8, 2014    

      I heard. I am so sorry. It was a wonderful store. In your area you can get my products at PCC, Market of Choice. Hope those will help. You can also ask your store manager to bring the products in. Lots of times they will accept requests.

  7. Aline
    November 25, 2014    

    Do you have a store in Florida Tampa,.
    Can I order some of your product .

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